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CBSE Curriculum

AIS pre -school curriculum development process involves many teachers and academic experts. Each educational activity developed by team passes through hands of experienced teachers and consultant. .Group of teachers, consultants specialized in their domain develop resources which are not only highest quality but with learning outcome.

Teaching Methodology:

Our curriculum focuses on early literacy along with emphasizing to develop fundamental life skill for long term success in life. Our curriculum centers on children’s interest and curiosity. Reading ,phonetics and numeracy skills are introduced to promote the child’s emergent capacity of acquiring skill. We also uses audio visual technology to clear the concept, as it makes a great impact on young mind.

Literacy: It involves basics of reading writing and conversational skills.

Numeracy: Here we encourages children to the importance of numeracy in day to day life.

Co- Curricular subject: Music, Dance, Yoga, etc.
Our curriculum is designed highest academics quality of education. We follow international curriculum, which is studied world wide.

Primary Curriculum:

At AIS we have designed our primary school curriculum so that our children should be academically, inquisitive and to take responsibility and initiative as they move into this more structured phase of schooling. It is designed to help schools deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that suits their context, culture and ethos.
The curriculum sets clear learning objectives and focuses on developing knowledge and skills in all subjects, providing excellent foundations for the next stage of education. The curriculum is flexible, so schools can offer any combination of the subjects available.

Teaching Methodology:

Our curriculum consists of instrumental methodology that encourages students to learn through experiments .All the basic concepts of all the subjects are cleared through remedial class. Individual attention is given to each and every students. We uses concrete teaching aids that students can touch and feel which make learning more interesting.


1. Mathematics: Primary class involves basic of math ; problem solving; teaching and learning through various teaching aid; assessment in classroom.

2. English: Primary class English includes reading, creative writing (stories and articles), comprehension skill.

3. Language: The skill of being multi linguistic is an ad on talent for the child. It helps him in better communication and also provide wider opportunity in different field. English, Hindi, Marathi, German or Japanese. First language Is English, second language is Hindi and Marathi and German or Japanese is optional from std 5th.

4. EVS: EVS includes hands on learning experience of science and social concept through concrete objects and practical experiments.

5. Computer Science: Primary class computer science syllabus includes basics of computer and parts of computer, children are familiarized with various software and their function.

6. Co- Curricular: Music, Dance, Public Speaking, Physical Education, Robotics etc.